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Why You Should Join Us

Maybe you're in a slump and want to get some inspiration or help from the raddest group of librarians around? Or maybe you're one of those rad librarians who's ready to say goodbye to expensive, lackluster memberships and hello to awesome? Either way, we're the community for you.

We offer a year-round online community of inspiration called the League of Awesome Librarians. 

For a fraction of the cost of a typical professional membership, you can join our League of Awesome Librarians and get a rockin' membership sticker, 24/7 access to an online network of LibCol librarians and community members, and the opportunity to join a super supportive Mastermind community with monthly virtual meet-ups.

If you've got more change to spare, you can also join at the Awesome Librarian level for quarterly interactive virtual workshops a.k.a. webinars-that-don't-suck(4 per year--a $200 value), a rockin' membership pin and more. It's a way to experience some of the awesome that happens each year at our annual Collective gathering without needing to travel! 

If you're a super fan, you'll wanna tack on a quarterly subscription box at the Awesome Librarian with Flair level!

We also offer custom interactive virtual workshops on a wide variety of topics for educators, librarians, administrators, and more. Taught by award-winning librarians, our interactive content will wow you!

Our highly-curated newsletter of awesome tools and inspiration is FREE, even to non-members. So stay in touch!

About Us

The Library Collective is a 100% librarian-powered 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to making professional development fun, affordable, and useful! We've been running an unparalleled annual librarian gathering since 2015 and in 2019 we decided to launch a year-round, vibrant online community for awesome librarians and educators. 

We also use this platform to offer customized virtual workshops and events for other groups who can benefit from our librarian expertise.

How are we different from old school professional associations, consulting, and training outfits? 

Here's a few of our top reasons: 

Learn. Create. Collaborate. Guaranteed. These three words have been our motto from the very beginning. Our goal is to create low-cost environments for learning, creating, and collaborating more effectively.  

Useful, fun, and affordable. The second motto we adopted is this--making every single workshop or event as useful, fun, and affordable as possible. We're proud of our incredible track record!

Events are for use, not filling up CVs. We think Ranganathan would agree: events should be full of hands-on learning, networking, and collaborating, not boring keynotes or "sage-on-a-stage" presentations.

We've got personalitySay goodbye to bland content. From our newsletters to our regional workshops to our online communities, we deliver content with sass, spunk, and persona that is real and human. We're not perfect (nor do we claim to be!) but we strive for unparalleled transparency in all we do. See our annual programming process or uncensored survey data for a few examples of how we do differently!

A Big Thanks

None of these would be possible without the amazing librarian volunteers who give their time in service to making our profession just a bit more awesome.

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